“ABS” Warning Lamp Flashes Continuously While Ignition Switch is ON
Wiring Diagram
[A]: For M/T model 3. Ignition switch 8. ABS hydraulic unit / control module assembly
[B]: For A/T model 4. Circuit fuse box 9. Monitor connector
[C]: ABS hydraulic unit / control module connector E142 (viewed from terminal side) 5. Combination meter 9-1. Diag. switch terminal
1. Battery 6. ABS warning lamp 9-2. Diag. ground terminal
2. Main fuse box 7. Lamp driver module    
Circuit Description
When the diag. switch terminal is shorted or connected to the ground with the ignition switch ON, the diag. trouble code (DTC) is indicated by flashing of the “ABS” warning lamp.
Step Action YES NO
Is diag. switch terminal connected to ground via service wire?
Remove service wire and recheck.
Go to Step 2.
1) Turn ignition switch to ON position.
2) Measure voltage between diag. switch terminal and vehicle body ground.
Is it 10 – 14 V?
Substitute a known-good ABS hydraulic unit / control module assembly and recheck.
“PNK/BLK” wire circuit shorted to ground.