Parking Brake Lever Removal and Installation
1) Hoist vehicle and release parking brake lever.
2) Disconnect negative cable at battery.
3) Remove parking brake lever cover.
4) Disconnect lead wire of parking brake switch at coupler.
Don’t disassemble parking brake lever switch. It must be removed and installed as a complete switch assembly.
5) Remove adjusting nut.
6) Loosen bracket nut (3) and disconnect parking brake cables (2) from equalizer (4).
7) Remove parking brake lever bolts and then remove parking brake lever assembly (1).
1) Install in reverse order of removal procedure.
Equalizer angle
“a”: within 15 degrees
Tightening torque
Parking brake lever bolt ( a ): 23 N·m ( 2.3 kg-m, 17.0 lb-ft)
1. Parking brake lever 3. Adjusting nut
2. Parking brake cable 4. Equalizer
2) After all parts are installed, parking brake lever needs to be adjusted. Refer to Parking Brake Inspection and Adjustment .
3) Check brake drum for dragging and brake system for proper performance.