Parking Brake Inspection and Adjustment
Hold center of parking brake lever grip and pull it up with 200 N (20 kg, 44 lbs) force.
With parking brake lever pulled up as shown, count ratchet notches. There should be 6 to 8 notches.
Also, check if both right and left rear wheels are locked firmly.
To count number of notches easily, listen to click sounds that ratchet makes while pulling parking brake lever without pressing its button.
One click sound corresponds to one notch.
If number of notches is out of specification, adjust cable referring to adjustment procedure so as to obtain specified parking brake stroke.
Check tooth tip of each notch for damage or wear.
If any damage or wear is found, replace parking brake lever.
Make sure for the following conditions before cable adjustment.
No air is trapped in brake system.
Brake pedal travel is proper.
Brake pedal has been depressed a few times with about 300 N (30 kg, 66 lbs) load.
Parking brake lever (1) has been pulled up a few times with about 200 N (20 kg, 44 lbs) force.
Rear brake shoes are not worn beyond limit, and self adjusting mechanism operates properly.
After confirming that the above 5 conditions are all satisfied, adjust parking brake lever stroke by loosening or tightening adjust nut (3) indicated in the figure.
Check brake drum for dragging after adjustment.
Parking brake stroke
When lever is pulled up at 200 N (20 kg, 44 lbs) : 6 – 8 notches