Rear Brake Drum Removal and Installation
1) Hoist vehicle and pull up parking brake lever.
2) Remove wheel referring to Wheel Removal and Installation .
3) Release parking brake lever.
4) Loosen parking brake cable adjusting nut (1).
5) To increase clearance between brake shoes and drum, remove rubber plug from brake back plate and turn adjuster downward with flat-head screw driver.
6) Pull brake drum off by using 8 mm bolts (2).
1) Before installing brake drum, check outer diameter of brake shoes. If it is not within value as specified below, adjust it to specification by turning adjuster (1).
Outer diameter of brake shoes
“a”: 219.4 – 219.7 mm (8.638 – 8.650 in.)
2. Spring and rod assembly 3. Brake shoes
2) Install brake drum after making sure that inside of brake drum and brake shoes are free from dirt and oil.
3) Upon completion of all jobs, depress brake pedal with about 300 N (30 kg, 66 lbs) load about 30 times so as to obtain proper drum-to-shoe clearance.
Adjust parking brake cable. For adjustment refer to Parking Brake Inspection and Adjustment .
4) Install wheel and tighten wheel nuts to specified torque.
Tightening torque
Wheel nut ( a ): 100 N·m ( 10.2 kg-m, 74.0 lb-ft)
5) Check to ensure that brake drum is free from dragging and proper braking is obtained. Then remove vehicle from hoist and perform brake test (foot brake and parking brake).