Front Brake Disc Inspection
Check disc surface for scratches in wearing parts. Scratches on disc surface noticed at the time of specified inspection or replacement are normal and disc is not defective unless they are serious.
But when there are deep scratches or scratches all over disc surface, replace it. When only one side is scratched, polish and correct that side.
Front brake disc thickness “a”
Standard : 17.0 mm (0.67 in.)
Limit : 15.0 mm (0.59 in.)
Use wheel nuts (1) and suitable plain washers (2) to hold the disc securely against the hub, then mount a dial indicator as shown and measure the runout at 10 mm (0.39 in.) from the outer edge of the disc.
Front brake disc deflection
Limit : 0.15 mm (0.006 in.)
Check front wheel bearing for looseness before measurement.
Check for Front Brake After Installation
Mount tires and make certain that they rotate smoothly, with a force of less than 30 N (3.0 kg, 6.6 Ib).
For above check the following must be observed.
Jack up front wheels, both right and left, off the ground.
Shift transfer shift lever to 2H (rear wheel) position (if equipped) and start engine for a few seconds then stop.
In the following figure shows outer periphery of tire.
Be careful not to depress brake pedal when checking tire for rotation.
If tire rotation is heavy, check the following:
Piston, piston seal and cylinder slide bush of caliper for installation.
Wheel bearings for breakage.
Disc for flatness (Improper flatness brings disc into contact with lining during rotation and makes rotation heavy).
To check this, measure disc deflection.
1. String 2. Spring measure