Front Brake Disc Removal and Installation
During removal, be careful not to damage brake flexible hose and not to depress brake pedal.
1) Hoist vehicle and remove wheel referring to Wheel Removal and Installation .
2) Remove caliper assembly by loosening caliper carrier bolts (2 pcs).
Hang removed caliper with a wire hook or the like so as to prevent brake hose from bending and twisting excessively or being pulled.
Don’t operate brake pedal with pads removed.
3) Pull brake disc off by using 8 mm bolts (1) (2 pcs).
1) Install disc to wheel hub.
2) Install caliper assembly to steering knuckle.
3) Tighten caliper carrier bolts to specification.
Tightening torque
Brake caliper carrier bolt ( a ): 85 N·m ( 8.5 kg-m, 61.5 lb-ft)
4) Install wheel and tighten front wheel nuts to specification.
Tightening torque
Wheel nut ( a ): 100 N·m ( 10.2 kg-m, 74.0 lb-ft)
5) Upon completion of installation, perform brake test.