Front Disc Brake Pad Inspection
Check pad lining for wear. When wear exceeds limit, replace with new one.
Never polish pad lining with sandpaper. If lining is polished with sandpaper, hard particles of sandpaper will be deposited in lining and may damage disc. When pad lining requires correction, replace it with a new one.
Front disc brake pad thickness (lining + rim) ( M13A engine model )
Standard : 15 mm (0.59 in.)
Limit : 7 mm (0.28 in.)
Front disc brake pad thickness (lining) ( K9K engine model )
Standard : 10 mm (0.39 in.)
Limit : 2 mm (0.08 in.)
When pads are removed, visually inspect caliper for brake fluid leak. Correct leaky point, if any.
[A]: M13 engine model [B]: K9K engine model