LSPV (Load Sensing Proportioning Valve) Assembly Removal and Installation (If Equipped)
Brake fluid is extremely damaging to paint.
Do not allow brake fluid to get on painted surface.
Never disassemble LSPV assembly.
Replace with new one if detective.
1) Clean around reservoir cap and take out fluid with syringe or such.
2) Hoist vehicle.
3) Disconnect brake pipes from LSPV.
4) Remove LSPV assembly from vehicle.
As shown in the figure, LSPV assembly should be removed together with its spring and stay installed as they are.
5) Remove spring and stay from LSPV.
Install by reversing removal procedure, noting the following.
1) Torque each bolt and nut to specification as indicated respectively.
Tightening torque
LSPV bolt ( a ): 25 N·m ( 2.5 kg-m, 18.0 lb-ft)
Brake pipe flare nut ( b ): 16 N·m ( 1.6 kg-m, 11.5 lb-ft)
2) Upon completion of installation, fill reservoir tank with specified fluid and bleed air from brake system.
Make sure to bleed air from LSPV bleeder without fail.
Tightening torque
LSPV bleeder plug ( a ): 8 N·m ( 0.8 kg-m, 6.0 lb-ft)
3) After bleeding air, check that LSPV is installed properly referring to LSPV (Load Sensing Proportioning Valve) Assembly Inspection and Adjustment (If Equipped) .