Brake Booster Inspection
Installation Position of Push Rod
Install push rod clevis (1) so that measurement “a” is obtained and torque nut (2) to specification.
Tightening torque
Booster clevis nut ( a ): 25 N·m ( 2.5 kg-m, 18.0 lb-ft)
Distance “a” between center of booster clevis pin hole and booster surface
Standard: 126.1 – 127.1 mm (4.96 – 5.00 in.)
Clearance Between Booster Piston Rod and Master Cylinder Piston
The length of booster piston rod (1) is adjusted to provide specified clearance “a” between piston rod end and master cylinder piston (2).
Before measuring clearance, push piston rod several times so as to make sure reaction disc is in place.
Keep inside of booster at atmospheric pressure for measurement.
Remove piston (push) rod seal from booster, if equipped.
1) Set special tool (E) on master cylinder (1) and push pin (3) until contacts piston (2).
Special Tool
(E) : 09950–96010
2) Turn special tool upside down and place it on booster (1). Adjust booster piston rod (2) length until rod end contacts pin head (3).
Special Tool
(E) : 09950–96010
Clearance “b” (between special tool and piston rod)
0 mm (0 in.)
Take measurement with booster set vertically or piston rod supported with screw driver or such so as to set rod at the center.
3) Adjust clearance by turning adjusting screw of piston rod.
Special Tool
(F) : 09952–16010