Brake Booster Removal and Installation
Never disassemble brake booster. Disassembly will spoil its original function. If faulty condition is found, replace it with new one.
1) Remove master cylinder assembly referring to Master Cylinder Assembly Removal and Installation .
2) Disconnect brake vacuum hose (2) from brake booster (1).
3) Remove brake pipes (3).
4) Disconnect push rod clevis pin (4) from brake pedal arm (3).
5) Remove attaching nuts (6) and then booster as shown.
1. Steering column 2. Push rod clevis 5. Clip
Check length of push rod clevis and adjust clearance between booster piston rod and master cylinder piston. Refer to Brake Booster Inspection .
Apply silicone grease to master cylinder piston.
1) Install booster to dash panel as shown. Then connect booster push rod clevis (2) to pedal arm (3) with clevis pin (4) and clip (5).
2) Tighten booster attaching nuts (6) to the specified torque.
Tightening torque
Booster nut ( a ): 13 N·m ( 1.3 kg-m, 9.5 lb-ft)
1. Steering column
3) Connect brake vacuum hose to brake booster.
4) Install master cylinder referring to Master Cylinder Assembly Removal and Installation .