Master Cylinder Reservoir Removal and Installation
1) Disconnect reservoir lead wire at coupler.
2) Clean outside of reservoir (1).
3) Take out fluid with syringe or such.
4) Loosen clamp (3) and disconnect clutch reservoir hose (4) from reservoir. (K9K engine model)
5) Remove reservoir connector pin (2) by using special tool.
Special Tool
(A) : 09922-85811
[A]: M13 engine model [B]: K9K engine model
6) Remove reservoir (1).
Brake fluid is extremely damaging to paint.
Do not allow brake fluid to get on pointed surface.
[A]: M13 engine model 2. Connector pin
[B]: K9K engine model 3. Grommets
1) When using new grommets, lubricate them with the same fluid as the one to fill reservoir with. Then press-fit grommets to master cylinder. Grommets must be seated in place.
2) Install reservoir (1) and drive in reservoir pin (2).
Drive in reservoir pin (2) till both of its ends at the right and left of reservoir (1) becomes the same length.
3) Connect clutch reservoir hose to reservoir and tighten clamp securely. (K9K engine model)
If clamp is rusty, deformed or loose, replace it with a new one.
4) Connect reservoir lead wire.
5) Fill reservoir (1) with specified brake fluid.
6) Upon completion of installation, check for fluid leakage.
[A]: M13 engine model 2. Cap
[B]: K9K engine model