Front Brake Hose / Pipe Removal and Installation
1) Raise, suitably support vehicle. Remove wheel if necessary. Refer to Wheel Removal and Installation .
2) Clean dirt and foreign material from both hose end or pipe end fittings.
3) Drain brake fluid in reservoir.
Do not allow brake fluid to get on painted surface.
Painted surface will be damaged by brake fluid, flush it with water immediately if any fluid is spilled.
4) Remove brake hose and pipe.
1) Install brake hose and pipe by reversing removal procedure, noting the following points.
For installation, make sure that steering wheel is in straightforward position and hose has no twist or kink. Check to make sure that hose doesn’t contact any part of suspension, both in extreme right and extreme left turn conditions. If it does at any point, remove and correct.
2) Bleeding brake system. Refer to Air Bleeding of Brake System .
3) Perform brake test and check installed part for fluid leakage.