Excessive Pedal Travel Inspection
1) Start engine.
2) Depress brake pedal a few times.
3) With brake pedal depressed with approximately 300 N (30 kg, 66 lbs) load, measure brake pedal to wall clearance “d” and “e”.
Brake pedal to wall clearance “d” or “e”
LH steering vehicle clearance “d” : Over 55 mm (2.17 in.)
RH steering vehicle clearance “e” : Over 76 mm (2.99 in.)
4) If clearance “d” or “e” is less than specification, the most possible cause is either rear brake shoes are worn out beyond limit or air is in lines. Should clearance “d” or “e” remain less than specification even after replacement of brake shoes and bleeding of system, other possible but infrequent cause is malfunction of rear brake shoe adjusters or booster push rod length out of adjustment.
Bleed brake system. Refer to Air Bleeding of Brake System .
Remove brake drums for adjuster Inspection. Refer to Rear Brake Drum Removal and Installation .
[A]: LH steering vehicle [B]: RH steering vehicle