Not enough braking force
Condition Possible Cause Action
Not enough braking force
Brake fluid leakage from brake lines
Locate leaking point and repair.
Brake disc or pads stained with oil
Clean or replace.
Overheated brakes
Determine cause and repair.
Poor contact of shoes on brake drum
Repair for proper contact.
Brake shoes linings stained with oil or wet with water
Badly worn brake shoe linings
Defective wheel cylinders
Repair or replace.
Malfunctioning caliper assembly
Repair or replace.
Air in system
Bleed system.
Maladjusted sensor spring length of LSPV
Check or adjust.
Broken sensor spring of LSPV
Defective cooler of LSPV
Malfunctioning ABS (Antilock brake system), if equipped
Check system and replace as necessary.