DTC 31
DTC Detecting Condition and Trouble Area
DTC detecting condition Trouble area
31: Transfer Shift Actuator Motor Drive Circuit is Open
Transfer shift actuator limit switch is unchanged even if command signal of transfer shift actuator motor is output.
Transfer shift actuator (Transfer shift actuator motor) and/or its circuit
4WD control module
Wiring Diagram
[A]: 4WD control module connector (View: [a]) 2. Transfer shift actuator motor 4. CPU
1. Transfer shift actuator 3. 4WD control module      
DTC Confirmation Procedure
1) Start engine and change 2WD/4WD switch more than 3 times.
DTC Troubleshooting
Step Action YES NO
Transfer shift actuator motor check
1) Check transfer shift actuator motor. icon 
Is it in good condition?
Go to Step 2.
Replace transfer shift actuator.
Check transfer shift actuator motor drive circuit
1) Disconnect 4WD control module connector with ignition switch OFF.
2) Check transfer shift actuator motor drive circuits (“RED/WHT” wire and “RED/BLU” wire) for open, short to ground and short to power circuit.
Is it in good condition?
Substitute a known-good 4WD control module and recheck.
Repair or replace defective transfer shift actuator motor drive circuits.