4WD Control System Wiring Circuit Diagram
[A]: M/T model 13. ECM 28. 4WD control module
[B]: A/T model 14. Transfer shift actuator 29. CPU
[C]: M13A engine model only 15. Transfer shift actuator limit switch 30. Voltage converter
1. A/T shift switch (“N” range) 16. Transfer shift actuator motor 31. Warning buzzer
2. Vacuum switch 17. VSV1 32. “BACK” fuse
3. 2WD/4WD switch 18. VSV2 33. “4WD” fuse
4. “2WD” switch 19. Combination meter 34. “ST” fuse (in individual circuit fuse box No.2)
5. “4WD” switch 20. 4WD indicator 35. “ST” fuse (in supplementary fuse box: M13A engine model) (in main fuse box: K9K engine model)
6. “4WD-L” switch 21. 4WD low indicator 36. To other ECU
7. Blower fan motor 22. Ignition switch 37. Limit switch 1
8. Blower fan switch 23. Starting motor relay 38. Limit switch 2
9. A/C switch 24. Clutch pedal switch 39. Limit switch 3
10. 4WD low switch 25. Starting motor 40. Engine ground
11. 4WD switch 26. Main fuse 41. Body ground
12. Vehicle speed sensor 27. Battery      
Terminal Arrangement of 4WD Control Module
[A]: 4WD control module connector (View: [a])
Terminal Circuit Terminal Circuit
E188-1 Transfer shift actuator motor 2 E188-14 Limit switch 2
E188-2 Transfer shift actuator motor 1 E188-15 Limit switch 1
E188-3 Ignition power supply E188-16 Blank
E188-4 4WD low switch E188-17 Blank
E188-5 4WD switch E188-18 A/C switch (M13A engine model)
E188-6 “4WD-L” switch E188-19 Vacuum switch
E188-7 “4WD” switch E188-20 Clutch pedal switch (M/T model)
E188-8 “2WD” switch E188-21 A/T shift switch (“N” range) (A/T model)
E188-9 Blank E188-22 Vehicle speed sensor signal
E188-10 Ground E188-23 Engine revolution signal
E188-11 VSV2 E188-24 4WD indicator
E188-12 VSV1 E188-25 4WD low indicator
E188-13 Limit switch 3 E188-26 A/C ON signal (M13A engine model)