On-Board Diagnostic System Description
For 4WD control system, 4WD control module has the following functions.
When 4WD control module detects any malfunction, 4WD indicator (1) and 4WD low indicator (2) flash continuously at the same time, and 4WD control module sets DTC and comes into fail-safe mode. For details of fail safe mode, refer to Fail-Safe Table .
The DTC stored in memory of the 4WD control module is indicated by the 4WD indicator flashing in a specific pattern. For details of DTC indication refer to DTC Check .
Driving Cycle (D/C)
A “Driving Cycle” consists of engine startup, and engine shutoff.
3 Driving Cycle Detection Logic
The malfunction detected in the first and second driving cycle is stored in 4WD control module memory (in the form of pending DTC) but the 4WD indicator and 4WD low indicator does not flashes at this time. It flashes at the third detection of same malfunction also in the next driving cycle.
Pending DTC
Pending DTC means a DTC detected and stored temporarily at 2 driving cycle of the DTC which is adopted the 3 driving cycle detection logic.