Transfer Description
The 4WD control system is divided into “Air Locking Hub Control System” and “Transfer Control System”.
The transfer control system is described in this section.
For the air locking hub control system, refer to 4WD Control System Construction:Front .
The aluminum transfer case directly connected to the back of the transmission contains input shaft, counter gear, output rear shaft, output front shaft, drive chain, shift fork shaft No.1, shift fork shaft No.2 and their accompanying gears, hubs, sleeves, synchronizer ring, fork, etc.
With a synchronizer installed to the front drive clutch hub sleeve, it is possible to change the shift position between the 2H position and the 4H position even while running.
The front drive gear shift fork has a shift fork spring to make a smooth shift between the 4H position and the 2H position.
The case has an oil receiver and an oil protect plate to provide proper lubrication even under the severe conditions of use.
[A]: View A 9. Reduction clutch sleeve 19. Shift fork shaft No.1
[B]: Shift fork shaft cross section 10. Steel ball 20. Shift fork shaft No.2
1. Input shaft 11. Key spring 21. Transfer shift actuator
2. Drive chain 12. High & low shift fork 22. Front case
3. Output front shaft 13. Sprocket output gear 23. Rear case
4. Counter gear 14. VSS rotor 24. Output rear flange
5. Front drive gear shift fork 15. Output rear shaft 25. Pinion gear
6. Front drive clutch hub sleeve 16. Front drive clutch hub 26. 4WD switch
7. Synchronizer ring 17. Output front flange 27. 4WD low switch
8. Output low gear 18. Input front flange 28. Straight pin