Front Differential Disassembly
1) Put match marks (7) on differential side bearing caps (6) and differential carrier (1).
2) Remove differential side bearing lock plates (4) and differential side bearing caps by removing their bolts and then remove bearing adjusters (5), side bearing outer races and drive bevel gear (2) with differential case (3).
3) Hold companion flange with special tool and then remove flange nut by using power wrench (2) and socket wrench (1).
Special Tool
(A) : 09922–66021
Do not make mating mark on the coupling surface of the flange to prevent propeller shaft from generating vibration.
4) Make mating marks (1) on drive bevel pinion and companion flange (3).
5) Remove companion flange from drive bevel pinion by using special tool if it is hard to remove.
Special Tool
(B) : 09913–65135
6) Remove bevel pinion with rear bearing, and spacer from differential carrier.
If it is hard to remove, screw an used nut into pinion and hammer on that nut with a plastic hammer but never directly on bevel pinion.
7) Remove bevel pinion rear bearing (2) by using bearing puller (3) and hydraulic press.
1. Drive bevel pinion
8) Using special tools, remove differential side bearings.
Special Tool
(A) : 09926–37610
(B) : 09926–37610–001
(C) : 09926–37610–003
(D) : 09926–37610–002
9) Hold differential case (1) with soft jawed vise.
10) Remove drive bevel gear bolts (2).
11) Remove drive bevel gear (3) from differential case.
12) Push spring pin (1) out of pinion shaft with special tool and hammer.
Special Tool
(A) : 09922–85811
13) Remove pinion shaft (2), differential gears (3), pinions (4) and washers from differential case (5).
14) Remove oil seal (1) by using special tool.
Special Tool
(A) : 09913–50121
15) Drive out bevel pinion bearing outer races (2) in differential carrier by hammering metal stick (1) applied to them.