Front Differential Dismounting and Remounting
1) Lift up vehicle and remove wheels.
2) Drain differential oil from front axle housing referring to Front Differential Gear Oil Inspection and Change:Front .
1. Drain plug 2. Level/Filler plug
4) Before removing propeller shaft, give match marks (1) on companion flange (2) and propeller shaft (3) as shown.
5) Remove differential carrier bolts (1) and differential assembly.
Reverse removal procedure for installation, noting the following.
Front Differential
Do not reuse carrier bolts of 37.5 mm length.
Otherwise, bolts may loosen. Be sure to use new bolts with pre-coated adhesive.
Clean mating surface of front axle housing (1) and differential carrier and apply sealant to housing side.
“A” : Sealant 99000–31110 ( SUZUKI Bond No.1215 )
Apply sealant to carrier bolts and tighten carrier bolts to specified torque.
“A” : Sealant 99000–31110 ( SUZUKI Bond No.1215 )
Tightening torque
Differential carrier bolt (Bolt length: 30.5 mm) ( a ): 23 N·m ( 2.3 kg-m, 17.0 lb-ft)
Differential carrier bolt (Bolt length: 37.5 mm) ( c ): 30 N·m ( 3.0 kg-m, 22.0 lb-ft)
Install propeller shaft to companion flange aligning match marks (2) and tighten propeller shaft bolts to specified torque.
Tightening torque
Propeller shaft bolt ( b ): 50 N·m ( 5.0 kg-m, 36.5 lb-ft)
Differential Gear Oil
Refill differential housing with new specified differential oil. Refer to Front Differential Gear Oil Inspection and Change:Front .