Steering Knuckle Seal Removal and Installation
1) Hoist vehicle.
2) Remove knuckle seal cover bolts and seal cover (1).
3) Cut oil seal in place with scissors or knife, and take it off.
1) Cut replacement oil seal at one place with scissors or a knife.
2) Apply grease to oil seal lip.
“A” : Grease 99000–25010 ( SUZUKI Super Grease A )
3) Install oil seal retainer (1), oil seal (2) and oil seal cover (3) to steering knuckle (4).
Tighten bolts to specified torque.
Install the seal (2) in oil seal retainer (1), bringing the split part (5) to top side and locating it about 30° off the matching face of oil seal retainer (1).
Tightening torque
Knuckle seal cover bolt ( a ): 10 N·m ( 1.0 kg-m, 7.5 lb-ft)