Tire Mounting and Dismounting
Use a tire changing machine to mount or dismount tires. Follow equipment manufacturer’s instructions. Do not use hand tools or tire irons alone to change tires as they may damage tire beads or wheel rim.
Rim bead seats should be cleaned with a wire brush or coarse steel wool to remove lubricants, old rubber and light rust. Before mounting or dismounting a tire, bead area should be well lubricated with approved tire lubricant.
After mounting, inflate to specified pressure shown on tire information placard so that beads are completely seated.
Do not stand over tire when inflating. Bead may break when bead snaps over rim’s safety hump and cause serious personal injury.
Do not exceed specified pressure when inflating. If specified pressure will not seat beads, deflate, relubricate and reinflate.
Over inflation may cause bead to break and cause serious personal injury.
Install valve core and inflate to proper pressure.