Wheel Removal and Installation
1) Loosen wheel nuts by approximately 180° (half a rotation).
2) Hoist vehicle.
3) Remove wheel.
Never use heat to loosen tight wheel because application of heat to wheel can shorten life of wheel and damage wheel bearings.
For installation, reverse removal procedure, noting the following.
Wheel nuts must be tightened in sequence and to proper torque to avoid bending wheel or brake drum or disc.
Before installing wheels, remove any build-up of corrosion on wheel mounting surface and brake drum or brake disc mounting surface by scraping and wire brushing. Installing wheels without good metal-to-metal contact at mounting surfaces can cause wheel nuts to loosen, which can later allow a wheel to come off while vehicle is moving.
Tightening order
“A” – “B” – “C” – “D” – “E”
Tightening torque
Wheel nut ( a ): 100 N·m ( 10.2 kg-m, 74.0 lb-ft)