Rear Axle Housing Removal and Installation
1) Hoist vehicle and remove rear wheels referring to Wheel Removal and Installation .
2) Remove rear axle shafts (right & left) referring to Rear Axle Shaft and Wheel Bearing Removal and Installation:Rear .
3) Disconnect brake pipes (3) (right & left) from flexible hoses (1) and remove E-rings (2).
4) Remove brake pipe clamps and pipes from axle housing.
5) For jobs hereafter, support rear axle housing (1) by using floor jack (2) under axle housing (1).
6) Remove LSPV stay from rear axle housing (if equipped with LSPV).
7) Before removing propeller shaft (2), give match marks (1) on joint flange and propeller shaft (2) as shown.
Remove propeller shaft (2).
8) Remove differential carrier assembly (3).
9) Remove lateral rod (1).
10) Loosen trailing arm rear mounting nuts (right & left) of trailing arm (2), but don’t remove bolts.
11) Remove shock absorbers (1) (right & left) lower mounting bolts (right & left).
12) Lower floor jack until tension of suspension coil spring becomes a little loose and remove rear mount bolts of trailing arms (right & left).
13) Lower rear axle housing gradually.
14) Remove axle housing.
Install removed parts in reverse order of removal, noting the following.
1) Place rear axle housing (1) on floor jack. Then install trailing arm (2) rear mounting bolts (right & left) in proper direction as shown.
3. Vehicle outside 4. Vehicle center side
2) Install coil springs (2) (right & left) on spring seat (1) of axle housing and raise axle housing.
Upper and lower diameters of coil spring (2) are different.
Bring larger diameter end at bottom and set its open end in place on spring seat (1).
When seating coil spring (2), mate spring end with stepped part (3) of rear axle spring seat (1) as shown.
A: Upper side (small dia.) B: Lower side (large dia.)
3) Install lower part of shock absorber (1) (right & left) to right and left sides of axle housing and tighten bolts (2) (right & left) temporarily by hand.
4) Install lateral rod (1) and install bolts in proper direction as shown. Then tighten nuts temporarily by hand.
5) Clean mating surfaces of axle housing (1) and differential carrier and apply sealant to housing side.
“A” : Sealant 99000–31110 ( SUZUKI Bond No.1215 )
6) Install differential carrier assembly (3) to axle housing and tighten carrier bolts to specified torque.
Tightening torque
Rear differential carrier bolt ( a ): 23 N·m ( 2.3 kg-m, 17.0 lb-ft)
7) Install propeller shaft (2) to joint flange aligning match marks (1) and tighten flange bolts to specified torque.
Tightening torque
Rear propeller shaft bolt ( b ): 50 N·m ( 5.0 kg-m, 36.5 lb-ft)
8) Install LSPV stay to rear axle housing and adjust LSPV stay position, referring to LSPV (Load Sensing Proportioning Valve) Assembly Inspection and Adjustment (If Equipped) (if equipped with LSPV).
9) Remove floor jack from axle housing.
10) Connect brake pipes and parking brake cable onto axle housing and clamp them securely.
For clamping positions, refer to Rear Brake Hose / Pipe Removal and Installation and Parking Brake Cable Removal and Installation .
11) Connect brake flexible hoses (2) (right & left) to bracket on axle housing and secure it with E-rings (1).
12) Connect brake pipes to brake flexible hoses and tighten brake pipe flare nuts to specified torque.
Tightening torque
Brake pipe flare nut ( a ): 16 N·m ( 1.6 kg-m, 11.5 lb-ft)
13) Apply grease to rear axle shaft oil seals (1) lip (right & left) as shown.
“A” : Grease 99000–25010 ( SUZUKI Super Grease A )
14) Clean mating surface (right & left) of rear axle housing (2) (right & left) with brake back plate and apply water tight sealant as shown in the figure.
“B” : Sealant 99000–31090 ( SUZUKI sealing compound 366E )
15) Install rear axle shafts (right & left), brake shoes, brake drums and wheels. Refer to Rear Axle Shaft and Wheel Bearing Removal and Installation:Rear .
16) Lower hoist.
17) Tighten right and left trailing arm nuts and shock absorber lower bolts to specified torque referring to Trailing Arm Removal and Installation and Rear Shock Absorber Removal and Installation .
Tighten lateral rod bolt and nut to specified torque referring to Lateral Rod Removal and Installation .
18) Check to ensure that brake drum is free from dragging and proper braking is obtained.
19) Perform brake test (foot brake and parking brake).
20) Check each installed part for oil leakage.