Coil Spring Removal and Installation
1) Hoist vehicle and remove rear wheel referring to Wheel Removal and Installation .
2) Support rear axle housing (1) by using floor jack (2).
3) Remove brake flexible hose E-ring (2).
1. Brake flexible hose
4) Remove shock absorber lower mounting bolt (2).
1. Shock absorber
5) Lower rear axle housing (2) gradually as far down as where coil spring (1) can be removed.
6) Remove coil spring.
7) Remove spring rubber seat (1).
1) Install spring rubber seat (1).
Before installing spring rubber seat (1), apply soap water on it.
2) Install coil spring (2) on spring seat (1) of rear axle housing and then raise axle housing.
Upper and lower diameters of coil spring (2) are different.
Bring larger diameter end at bottom and set its open end in place on spring seat (1).
When seating coil spring (2), mate spring end with stepped part (3) of rear axle spring seat (1) as shown.
A: Upper side (small dia.) B: Lower side (large dia.)
3) Install shock absorber lower mounting bolt.
Tighten bolt temporarily by hand.
4) Install brake flexible hose E-ring.
5) Install wheel and tighten wheel nuts to specified torque.
Tightening torque
Wheel nut ( a ): 100 N·m ( 10.2 kg-m, 74.0 lb-ft)
6) Lower hoist and tighten absorber lower bolt (2) to specified torque.
Tightening torque
Rear shock absorber lower bolt ( a ): 85 N·m ( 8.5 kg-m, 61.5 lb-ft)
For tightening of lower bolt (2), refer to NOTE given under Rear Shock Absorber Removal and Installation .