Rear Shock Absorber Removal and Installation
When discarding shock absorber, be sure to refer to instructions in Rear Shock Absorber Inspection for proper procedure as it is gas sealed type.
The shock absorber is non-adjustable, non-refillable, and cannot be disassembled. The only service the shock absorber requires is replacement when it has lost its resistance, is damaged, or leaking fluid.
1) Hoist vehicle.
2) Support rear axle housing (1) by using floor jack (2) to prevent it from lowering.
3) Remove upper mounting bolt (2).
4) Remove lower mounting bolt (3).
5) Remove shock absorber (1).
1) Install shock absorber (1), refer to the figure for proper installing direction of bush and washer (2).
Tighten bolts (3) temporarily by hand.
2) Remove floor jack and lower hoist.
3) Tighten shock absorber bolts (3) to specified torque.
Tighten lower bolt with vehicle off hoist and in non-loaded condition.
Tightening torque
Rear shock absorber upper bolt ( a ): 85 N·m ( 8.5 kg-m, 61.5 lb-ft)
Rear shock absorber lower bolt ( a ): 85 N·m ( 8.5 kg-m, 61.5 lb-ft)