Lateral Rod Removal and Installation
1) Hoist vehicle.
2) Remove mounting bolts of lateral rod (1).
3) Remove lateral rod (1).
Either bolt & nut (3) or (4) is used for lateral rod body side.Lateral rod nut (for 10.9 strength bolt) is pre-coated with friction stabilizer and provided with marks indicating the strength class. Never reuse this nut to prevent it from loosening. Be sure to replace nut with a new one once it was loosen.
1) Install lateral rod (1) to vehicle body and front axle housing, referring to the figure for proper installing direction of bolts.
Bolt and nut should not be tightened.
For left hand steering vehicle, install lateral rod with its bending point (2) placed to right side of vehicle.
2) Lower hoist and with vehicle in non-loaded condition, tighten bolt and nut of lateral rod to specified torque.
Tightening torque
Lateral rod bolt and nut (for 7T strength bolt and nut) ( a ): 90 N·m ( 9.0 kg-m, 65.0 lb-ft)
Lateral rod bolt and nut (for 10.9 strength bolt and nut) ( b ): 55 N·m ( 5.5 kg-m, 40.0 lb-ft)
[A]: Right hand steering vehicle 4. 10.9 strength bolt and nut with friction stabilizer
[B]: Left hand steering vehicle 5. Strength mark
3. 7T strength bolt and nut without friction stabilizer