Coil Spring Removal and Installation
1) Hoist vehicle and remove wheel.
2) Disconnect stabilizer ball joint from axle housing.
3) Remove brake caliper carrier bolts and suspend caliper.
During removal, be careful not to damage brake flexible hose and wheel speed sensor harness (vehicle with ABS) and not to depress brake pedal.
4) Support front axle housing by using floor jack.
When supporting axle housing, it should be in non-load condition.
5) Remove shock absorber lower mounting bolt (1).
6) Lower front axle housing (2) gradually as far down as where coil spring (1) can be removed.
7) Remove coil spring (1).
Install removed parts in reverse order of removal procedures, noting the followings.
1) Install coil spring (3).
Make sure that coil spring direction as shown.
When seating coil spring, mate spring end with stepped part (4) of lower spring seat (2).
1. Front axle housing A: Small
U: Upper side B: Large
2) Install absorber lower mounting bolt, refer to Front Shock Absorber Removal and Installation .
3) Install caliper assembly and tighten caliper bolts to specified torque.
Tightening torque
Brake caliper carrier bolt ( a ): 85 N·m ( 8.5 kg-m, 61.5 lb-ft)
4) Connect stabilizer ball joint to axle housing and tighten nut referring to Front Stabilizer Bar and Bushings Removal and Installation for tightening torque specification.
5) Install wheel and tighten wheel nuts to specified torque.
Tightening torque
Wheel nut ( a ): 100 N·m ( 10.2 kg-m, 74.0 lb-ft)
6) Lower hoist.
7) Confirm front end (wheel) alignment, referring to Preliminary Checks Prior to Adjustment Front Wheel Alignment Construction .