Front Shock Absorber Removal and Installation
1) Hoist vehicle.
2) Support front axle housing by using floor jack to prevent it from lowering, refer to Vehicle Lifting Points .
3) Remove shock absorber lower mounting bolt (6).
4) Remove shock absorber upper mounting lock nut (2) and absorber nut (3). Then remove shock absorber (1).
W: Wheel side 7. Lower mounting nut
Install removed parts in reverse order of removal proceeded, noting the followings.
As shown in the figure, install washer (4) and bush (5) first and after tightening absorber nut (3) tighten lock nut (2) to specified torque.
Tightening torque
Shock absorber lock nut ( a ): 29 N·m ( 2.9 kg-m, 21.0 lb-ft)
Install absorber lower mounting bolt (6) in proper direction as shown in the figure and tighten it with no load applied to axle housing.
Tightening torque
Shock absorber lower nut ( b ): 90 N·m ( 9.0 kg-m, 65.0 lb-ft)
W: Wheel side 7. Lower mounting nut
Confirm front end (wheel) alignment referring to Preliminary Checks Prior to Adjustment Front Wheel Alignment Construction .