Exhaust System Check
To avoid the danger of being burned, do not touch the exhaust system when the system is hot. Any service on the exhaust system should be performed when the system is cool.
At every interval of periodic maintenance service, and when vehicle is raised for other service, check exhaust system as follows:
Check rubber mountings for damage, deterioration, and out of position.
Check exhaust system for leakage, loose connection, dent and damage.
If bolts or nuts are loosened, tighten them to specified torque referring to Exhaust System Components:K9K .
Check nearby body areas damaged, missing, or mispositioned part, open seam, hole connection or any other defect which could permit exhaust fumes to seep into vehicle.
Make sure that exhaust system components have enough clearance from underbody to avoid overheating and possible damage to passenger compartment carpet.
Any defect should be fixed at once.