Battery Removal and Installation
1) Disconnect negative cable (3).
2) Disconnect positive cable (2).
3) Remove retainer (5).
4) Remove battery (1).
4. Body ground bolt
When handling battery, the following safety precautions should be followed:
Hydrogen gas is produced by battery. A flame or spark near battery may cause the gas to ignite.
Battery fluid is highly acidic. Avoid spilling on clothing or other fabric. Any spilled electrolyte should be flushed with large quantity of water and cleaned immediately.
1) Reverse removal procedure.
2) Torque battery cables to specification.
Check to be sure that ground cable has enough clearance to hood panel by terminal.
Tightening torque
Body ground bolt ( a ): 8.0 N·m ( 0.8 kg-m, 6.0 lb-ft)