Jump Starting in Case of Emergency
With Auxiliary (Booster) Battery
If vehicle is manual transaxle model and has a catalytic converter, do not push or tow it to start. Damage to its emission system and/or to other parts may result.
Both booster and discharged battery should be treated carefully when using jumper cables. Follow the procedure outlined follows, being careful not to cause sparks.
Departure from these conditions or procedure described as follows could result in:
Serious personal injury (particularly to eyes) or property damage from such causes as battery explosion, battery acid, or electrical burns.
Damage to electronic components of either vehicle.
Remove rings, watches, and other jewelry. Wear approved eye protection.
Be careful so that metal tools or jumper cables do not contact positive battery terminal (or metal in contact with it) and any other metal on vehicle, because a short circuit could occur.
Do not connect negative cable directly to negative terminal of dead battery.
1) Set parking brake and place NEUTRAL on manual transaxle (automatic transaxle in PARK). Turn off ignition, turn off lights and all other electrical loads.
2) Check electrolyte level. If it is below low level line, add distilled water.
3) Attach end of one jumper cable to positive terminal of booster battery and the other end of the same cable to positive terminal of discharged battery. (Use 12-volt battery only to jump start engine).
4) Attach one end of the remaining negative cable to negative terminal of booster battery, and the other end to a solid engine ground (such as exhaust manifold) at least 45 cm (18 in.) away from battery of vehicle being started.
5) Start engine of vehicle with booster battery and turn off electrical accessories. Then start engine of the vehicle with discharged battery.
6) Disconnect jumper cables in the exact reverse order.
With Charging Equipment
When jump starting engine with charging equipment, be sure equipment used is 12-volt and negative ground. Do not use 24-volt charging equipment. Using such equipment can cause serious damage to electrical system or electronic parts.