Generator Symptom Diagnosis
Do not mistake polarities of “IG” terminal and “L” terminal.
Do not make a short circuit between “IG” and “L” terminals.
Always connect these terminals through a lamp.
Do not connect any load between “L” and “E” terminals.
When connecting charger or booster battery to vehicle battery, refer to Jump Starting in Case of Emergency:M13A .
Trouble in charging system will show up as one or more of the following conditions:
1) Faulty indicator lamp operation.
2) An undercharged battery as evidenced by slow cranking or indicator dark.
3) An overcharged battery as evidenced by excessive spewing of electrolyte from vents.
Noise from generator may be caused by loose drive pulley, loose mounting bolts, worn or dirty bearings, defective diode, or defective stator.
B: Generator output (Battery terminal) F: Field coil terminal
C: C terminal IG: Ignition terminal
E: Ground L: Lamp terminal
Charging Indicator Lamp Operation
Condition Possible Cause Action
Charge light does not light with ignition ON and engine off
Fuse blown
Check fuse.
Indicator lamp (LED) faulty
Replace combination meter.
Wiring connection loose
Tighten loose connection.
IC regulator or field coil faulty
Check generator.
Charge light does not go out with engine running (battery requires frequent recharging)
Drive belt loose or worn
Adjust or replace drive belt.
IC regulator or generator faulty
Check charging system.
Wiring faulty
Repair wiring.