Ignition System Wiring Circuit Diagram
[A]: Engine equipped with neither VVT system nor immobilizer control system 8. No.2 spark plug
[B]: Engine not equipped with VVT system but equipped with immobilizer control system 9. No.3 spark plug
[C]: Engine equipped with VVT system 10. No.4 spark plug
1. Ignition switch 11. Sensed information (MAP sensor, ECT sensor, IAT sensor, MAF sensor (if equipped with VVT system), TP sensor, Knock sensor, VSS, Park/Neutral position signal, Electric load signal, Engine start signal, Test switch terminal)
2. Main relay 12. Relay box
3. Ignition coil assembly for No.1 and No.4 spark plugs 13. “IGN1” fuse
4. Ignition coil assembly for No.2 and No.3 spark plugs 14. “FI” fuse
5. CMP sensor 15. “IG” fuse
6. CKP sensor 16. ECM
7. No.1 spark plug