Fuel Temperature Sensor Removal and Installation
1) Check that engine is cold and fuel pressure is not under pressure referring to Fuel Pressure Relief Confirmation Procedure:K9K .
2) Disconnect negative (–) cable at battery.
3) Remove injector cover.
4) Disconnect fuel temperature sensor connector (1).
5) Remove fuel temperature sensor (2) from injection pump.
1) Apply oil (spare parts) to O-ring (1) of fuel temperature sensor.
2) Install fuel temperature sensor (2) to injection pump.
Tighten fuel temperature sensor to specified torque.
Be careful not to damage O-ring when installing fuel temperature sensor.
Tightening torque
Fuel temperature sensor ( a ): 15 N·m ( 1.5 kg-m, 11.0 lb-ft)
3) Connect fuel temperature sensor connector (1).
4) Install injector cover.
5) Connect negative (–) cable to battery.
6) Check fuel leakage referring to Fuel Leakage Check:K9K .