Venturi Removal and Installation
1) Check that engine is cold and fuel pressure is not under pressure referring to Fuel Pressure Relief Confirmation Procedure:K9K .
2) Remove injector cover.
3) Disconnect return hoses (1) from venturi (2) on injection pump.
4) Plug disconnected hose and venturi on injection pump with cap available as a spare part to prevent them from entering dust. (Refer to “Precaution” under Fuel Delivery System Description:K9K for parts number and handling.)
5) Remove venturi from injection pump.
Reverse removal procedure for installation noting the following.
Apply oil (spare parts) to O-ring (1) of venturi.
Be careful not to damage O-ring when installing venturi.
Tighten venturi bolt to specified torque.
Tightening torque
Venturi bolt ( a ): 5.5 N·m ( 0.55 kg-m, 4.0 lb-ft)
Check fuel leakage referring to Fuel Leakage Check:K9K .