Fuel System Components
Do not expose removed fuel parts to dust. Keep them always clean.
Be sure to read “Precaution” under Fuel Delivery System Description:K9K before disconnecting fuel line or removing fuel system part(s).
Failure to follow its instruction could result unneeded fuel system repairs.
[A]: Type A 5. Fuel tank 11. Fuel return hose No.1
[B]: Type B 6. Fuel feed line 12. Fuel filter
1. Fuel level gauge 7. Fuel return line 13. Fuel return hose No.2
2. Fuel level gauge plate gasket 8. Fuel feed hose No.2 14. Fuel feed hose No.2
3. Fuel level gauge plate 9. Priming pump icon : Tightening torque
4. Fuel level gauge assembly bolt 10. Fuel feed hose No.1 icon : Do not reuse.