Fuel Pressure Regulator Removal and Installation
1) Relieve fuel pressure according to procedure described on Fuel Pressure Relief Procedure:M13A .
2) Disconnect battery negative cable from battery.
3) Disconnect vacuum hose (1) from fuel pressure regulator (2).
4) Remove fuel pressure regulator from fuel delivery pipe.
A small amount of fuel may be released when it is from delivery pipe.
Place a shop cloth under delivery pipe so that released fuel is absorbed in it.
5) Disconnect fuel return hose (3) from fuel pressure regulator.
For installation, reverse removal procedure and note following precautions.
Use new O-ring (1).
Apply thin coat of gasoline to O-ring to facilitate installation.
Tighten fuel pressure regulator bolts to specified torque.
Tightening torque
Fuel pressure regulator bolts ( a ): 11 N·m ( 1.1 kg-m, 8.0 lb-ft)
With engine “OFF” and the ignition switch ON position, check for fuel leaks around fuel line connection.