Fuel Pump Inspection
Check fuel pump assembly for damage.
Check fuel suction filter (1) for evidence of dirt and contamination. If present, replace or clean and check for presence of dirt in fuel tank.
For inspection of fuel pump itself, refer to Fuel Pressure Check:M13A without VVT or Fuel Pressure Check:M13A with VVT .
For inspection of fuel level gauge, refer to Fuel Sender Gauge Inspection .
2. Fuel filter & bracket assembly
3. Fuel pump motor & level gauge assembly
While removing fuel level gauge, do not contact resistor plate (2) or deform arm (3). It may cause fuel level gauge to fail.
When removing grommet from fuel tube or bracket sub assembly, be very careful not to cause damage to grommet installed section (sealed section in bore). Should it be damaged, replace it with new one, or fuel will leak from that part.
When removing fuel level gauge, press snap-fit part (1) and slide it in the arrow direction as shown in the figure.
When installing fuel level gauge to housing, fit protrusion (4) of fuel level gauge in groove (5) in housing and slide it up till lug (6) fits in window (7) securely. Refer to the figure shown.
[A]: Removal [B]: Installation