Fuel Pump On-Vehicle Inspection
When fuel filler cap is removed in any procedure, work must be done in a well-ventilated area, keep away from any open flames and without smoking.
The fuel pressure regulator is the one body with the fuel pump assembly so individual inspection of it is impossible.
1) Remove filler cap and turn ON ignition switch (2). Then fuel pump operating sound should be heard from fuel filler (1) for about 2 seconds and stop. Be sure to reinstall fuel filler cap after checking.
If above check result is not satisfactory, advance to Fuel Pump and Its Circuit Check:M13A without VVT or Fuel Pump and Its Circuit Check:M13A with VVT .
2) Turn OFF ignition switch and leave over 10 minutes as it is.
3) Fuel pressure should be felt at fuel feed hose (1) for 2 seconds after ignition switch ON.
If fuel pressure is not felt, advance to Fuel Pressure Check:M13A without VVT or Fuel Pressure Check:M13A with VVT .