Fuel Tank Removal and Installation
Before starting the following procedure, be sure to observe Precautions on Fuel System Service:M13A .
Keep fuel tank horizontally and stably when removing it. Fuel may come out if tank is tilted. Also, fuel tank may drop and cause personal injury.
1) Relieve fuel pressure in fuel feed line referring to Fuel Pressure Relief Procedure:M13A .
2) Disconnect negative cable at battery.
3) Remove fuel filler cap.
4) Insert hose of a hand operated pump into fuel filler hose (1) and drain fuel in space “A” in the figure (drain fuel through it till fuel stops).
Do not force hose of a hand operated pump into fuel tank. Doing so can damage inlet valve (2).
5) Hoist vehicle.
6) Remove exhaust center pipe referring to Exhaust System Components:M13A and rear propeller shaft referring to Propeller Shaft Removal and Installation .
7) Disconnect coupler (1) for fuel pump assembly. The coupler is close by left rear suspension coil spring (3).
2. Fuel tank
8) Remove fuel tank filler hose protector.
Disconnect filler hose and breather hose from fuel filler neck.
9) Disconnect fuel vapor hose from pipe.
10) With fuel tank supported on a jack, remove fuel tank bolts.
11) Lower fuel tank a little and hold it. Unclamp fuel hoses and disconnect them from fuel pump assembly (1).
When disconnecting joints of fuel feed line and return line from pipe, unlock joint by inserting special tool between pipe (3) and joint lock first.
Special Tool
(A) : 09919–47020
2. Quick joint 5. Disconnect joint
4. Insert special tool    
12) Remove fuel tank (1) from vehicle. Remove fuel tank protector (3) and inlet valve (2) as necessary.
1) Install fuel pump (1) assembly to fuel tank. Refer to Fuel Pump Removal and Installation:M13A . Install protector to fuel tank.
2) Install inlet valve to fuel tank.
If deformed or damaged in any other way, replace with a new one.
3) Connect fuel filler and breather hoses to fuel tank and vapor hose to fuel pump assembly. Clamp them securely.
4) Lift up fuel tank on jack.
Connect fuel feed hose (4) and return hose (3) to pipes as shown in figure and clamp them securely.
When connecting joint, clean outside surfaces of pipe where joint is to be inserted, push joint into pipe till joint lock clicks and check to ensure that pipes are connected securely, or fuel leak may occur.
2. Quick joint
5) Install fuel tank to vehicle and tighten new fuel tank mounting bolts to specified torque.
Tightening torque
Fuel tank mounting bolt : 29 N·m ( 2.9 kg-m, 21.0 lb-ft)
6) Connect wire harness coupler.
7) Connect fuel filler hose and breather hose to fuel filler neck. Connect fuel vapor hose to pipe. Clamp them securely.
8) Install fuel filler hose protector.