Fuel Injector Inspection
As fuel is injected in this inspection, perform in a well ventilated area and away from open flames.
Use special care to prevent sparking when connecting and disconnecting test lead to and from battery.
1) Install injector (3) and fuel pressure regulator (4) to special tool (injector checking tool).
Special Tool
(A) : 09912-58421
2) Connect special tools (hose and attachment) to fuel feed hose (1) of vehicle.
Special Tool
(B) : 09912–58432
3) Connect special tool (test lead) to injector.
Special Tool
(C) : 09930-88530
2. Fuel return line
4) Install suitable vinyl tube onto injector nozzle to prevent fuel from splashing out when injecting.
5) Put graduated cylinder under injector.
6) Operate fuel pump and apply fuel pressure to injector as follows:
a) When using scan tool:
i) Connect scan tool to DLC (1) with ignition switch OFF.
Special Tool
(A) : SUZUKI scan tool
ii) Turn ignition switch ON, clear DTC and select “MISC TEST” mode on scan tool.
iii) Turn fuel pump ON by using scan tool.
b) When not using scan tool:
i) Remove fuel pump relay from connector.
ii) Connect two terminals of relay connector using service wire (1) as shown in the figure.
Check to make sure that connection is made between correct terminals. Wrong connection can cause damage to ECM, wire harness, etc.
iii) Turn ignition switch ON.
[A]: When using SUZUKI scan tool
[B]: When not using SUZUKI scan tool
7) Apply battery voltage (2) to injector (1) for 15 seconds and measure injected fuel volume with graduated cylinder. Test each injector two or three times. If not within specification, replace injector.
Injected fuel volume
Engine not equipped with VVT system: 44 – 46 cc/15 sec. (1.49/1.55 – 1.55/1.62 US/lmp. oz/15 sec.)
Engine equipped with VVT system: 49 – 51 cc/15 sec. (1.66/1.73 – 1.72/1.80 US/lmp. oz/15 sec.)
3. Keep as far apart as possible
8) Check fuel leakage from injector nozzle. Do not operate injector for this check (but fuel pump should be at work). If fuel leaks (1) more than the following specifications, replace.
Fuel leakage
Less than 1 drop/min.