Fuel Pressure Relief Procedure
This work must not be done when engine is hot. If done so, it may cause adverse effect to catalyst.
If ECM detects DTC(s) after servicing clear DTC(s) referring to DTC Clearance:M13A with VVT . (For with VVT)
After making sure that engine is cold, release fuel pressure as follows.
1) Place transaxle gear shift lever in “Neutral” (Shift selector lever to “P” range for A/T model), set parking brake, and block drive wheels.
2) Remove relay box cover.
3) Disconnect fuel pump relay (1) from its connector.
4) Remove fuel filter cap to release fuel vapor pressure in fuel tank and then reinstall it.
5) Start engine and run it till it stops for lack of fuel. Repeat cranking engine 2 – 3 times for about 3 seconds each time to dissipate fuel pressure in lines. Fuel connections are now safe for servicing.
6) Upon completion of servicing, connect fuel pump relay (1) to its connector.