Fuel Pump Assembly Description
Fuel Pump
An in-tank type electric pump has been adopted for the fuel pump (1). Incorporated in the pump assembly are;
Tank pressure control valve (2) which keeps the pressure in the fuel tank constant, and prevents the fuel from spouting and tank itself from being deformed.
Relief valve (3) which prevents the pressure in tank from rising excessively.
Fuel cut valve (4) which closes as the float rises so that the fuel will not enter the canister when the fuel level in the tank rises high depending on the fuel level in the tank and the vehicle tilt angle.
Also, a fuel filter (5) is included and a fuel level gauge (6) is attached.
Fuel Cut Valve
The fuel cut valve consists of a float and a spring. It allows only the fuel vapor to flow into the canister and prevents the fuel from flowing into the canister.
Fuel Tank Description
The fuel tank is located under the rear section of the vehicle. The fuel pump assembly is installed in fuel tank. Whenever servicing the fuel pump assembly, the fuel tank must be removed from the vehicle.
Fuel Filler Cap Description
The fuel tank filler neck has a vacuum cap.
A ratchet tightening device on the threaded fuel filler cap reduces the chances of incorrect installation, which would prevent sealing fuel vapors.
After the gasket (2) on fuel filler cap and the filler neck flange contact, the ratchet produces a loud clicking noise, indicating the seal has been set.
This cap has a vacuum relief valve (1) inside.
The vacuum relief valve opens to relieve the vacuum created in the fuel tank.