Radiator Removal and Installation
1) Remove radiator cooling fan assembly referring to Radiator Cooling Fan Removal and Installation:K9K .
2) Disconnect radiator inlet hose No.1 from radiator.
3) Remove radiator after removing two mounting bolts (1).
Reverse removal procedures for installation noting the following.
Tighten radiator mounting bolts (1) by the specified torque.
Tightening torque
Radiator mounting bolt ( a ): 11 N·m ( 1.1 kg-m, 8.0 lb-ft)
Refill cooling system with coolant referring to Cooling System Refill:K9K .
Recharge A/C system with refrigerant referring to Operation Procedure for Refrigerant Charging .
Check to make sure that there is no coolant leakage and A/C refrigerant leakage at each connection.