Cooling System Flush
To help avoid danger of being burned, do not remove degassing tank cap while engine and radiator are still hot. Scalding fluid and steam can be blown out under pressure if cap is taken off too soon.
1) Drain coolant from cooling system referring to Cooling System Draining:K9K .
2) Close radiator drain plug.
3) Loosen air ventilation bolt (1) on thermostat assembly (2) without removing.
4) Fill degassing tank with water until water flow out from air ventilation bolt, and then tighten air ventilation bolt.
5) Fill degassing tank with water up to “MAXI” level mark (4).
6) Install degassing tank cap (3).
7) Run engine until upper radiator hose is hot (this shows that thermostat is open and coolant is flowing through system).
8) Wait until engine is cooled, and drain water from cooling system.
9) Repeat Steps 2) to 8) several times until drained liquid is nearly colorless.
10) Refill cooling system with coolant referring to Cooling System Refill:K9K .