Thermostat Description
The thermostat is installed to the thermostat assembly, and the thermostat assembly can not be disassembled.A wax pellet type thermostat is used in the coolant outlet passage to control the flow of the engine coolant, to provide fast engine warm up and to regulate coolant temperatures.
A wax pellet element is hermetically contained in a metal case, and expands when heated and contracts when cooled. When the pellet is heated and expands, the valve is opened.
As the pellet is cooled, the valve is closed by the spring. Thus, the valve remains closed while the coolant is cold, preventing circulation of coolant through the radiator.
At this point, coolant is allowed to circulate only throughout the engine to warm it quickly and evenly.
As the engine warms, the pellet expands and the thermostat valve opens, permitting coolant to flow through the radiator.