Radiator Removal and Installation
1) Drain cooling system.
2) Remove radiator shroud.
3) Disconnect water hoses from radiator.
4) With automatic transaxle (A/T) vehicle, disconnect additional two fluid hoses from radiator.
Place some container under radiator to receive A/T fluid which will flow out when hose is disconnected.
5) Install radiator protection board to between radiator and cooling fan.
6) Remove radiator after removing two bolts (1).
Reverse removal procedures.
Refill cooling system with proper coolant referring to Coolant Description:M13A and Cooling System Flush and Refill:M13A .
With automatic transmission vehicle, fill A/T fluid up to specified level. For procedure to check A/T fluid and its level, refer to A/T Fluid Change .
After installation, check each joint for leakage.