Cooling System Flush and Refill
To help avoid danger of being burned, do not remove radiator cap while engine and radiator are still hot. Scalding fluid and steam can be blown out under pressure if cap is taken off too soon.
1) Remove radiator cap when engine is cool as follows.
a) Turn cap slowly to the left until it reaches a “stop”. (Do not press down while turning it).
b) Wait until pressure is relieved (indicated by a hissing sound) then press down on cap and continue to turn it to the left.
2) With radiator cap removed, run engine until upper radiator hose is hot (this shows that thermostat is open and coolant is flowing through system).
3) Stop engine and open radiator drain plug (1) to drain coolant.
4) Close drain plug. Add water until system is filled and run engine until upper radiator hose is hot again.
5) Repeat Steps 3) and 4) several times until drained liquid is nearly colorless.
6) Drain system and then close radiator drain plug tightly.
7) Disconnect hose from water reservoir (1). Remove reservoir and pour out any fluid. Scrub and clean inside of reservoir with soap and water. Flush it well with clean water and drain. Reinstall reservoir and hose.
8) Add 50/50 mixture of good quality ethylene glycol antifreeze and water to radiator and reservoir.
Fill radiator to the base of radiator filler neck and reservoir to “FULL” level mark (2). Reinstall reservoir cap setting the arrow marks (4) on the reservoir and cap as the figure.
3. “LOW” level mark
9) Run engine, with radiator cap removed, until radiator upper hose is hot.
10) With engine idling, add coolant to radiator until level reaches the bottom of filler neck. Install radiator cap, making sure that the ear of cap lines up with reservoir hose.