Engine Cooling System Inspection and Cleaning
To help avoid danger of being burned, do not remove radiator cap while engine and radiator are still hot. Scalding fluid and steam can be blown out under pressure if cap is taken off too soon.
Cooling system should be serviced as follows.
1) Check cooling system for leakage or damage.
2) Wash radiator cap and filler neck with clean water by removing radiator cap when engine is cold.
3) Check coolant for proper level and freeze protection.
4) Using a pressure tester, check system and radiator cap for proper pressure holding capacity 1.1 kg/cm² (15.6 psi, 110 kPa). If replacement of cap is required, use proper cap specified for this vehicle.
After installing radiator cap (1) to radiator, make sure that its ear (2) is aligned with reservoir hose (3) as shown in the figure. If not, turn cap more to align its ear with hose.
5) Tighten hose clamps and inspect all hoses.
Replace hoses whenever cracked, swollen or otherwise deteriorated.
6) Clean frontal area of radiator core.